Let Maven Be Your Guide to a Once in a Lifetime Solar Eclipse

The solar eclipse is a once in a lifetime event, and we want you to be there to witness it. The last time a total solar eclipse crossed the U.S. from sea to sea was 1918, and if you’re within or travel into the path of “totality,” you’ll have a front row view! Save $10 off your trip with promo code ECLIPSE*.

First thing’s first; find the time of the peak eclipse in or around your area with this map.

If you’re not already a Maven member, download the app and sign up. Enrollment only takes a few minutes but in rare cases (kind of like a solar eclipse) it can take up to 48 hours to get approved, so don’t delay. With Maven you can choose from a wide variety of new cars, SUVs and electric cars, so if you have a few friends who want to tag along, we have a car to fit your crew. Free gas, free insurance (less the deductible), unlimited 4G LTE WiFi, Apple CarPlay, and 24/7 advisors to help you on your trip. Remember to protect your eyes, folks.

Also don’t forget to share your solar eclipse road trip with us on social, using the tag #BeThere and we will share our favorites.  


* “Not valid with any other offer. Minimum $1 charge reservation. Reservation must be made by August 21, 2017.