A more connected, seamless car sharing experience. Offering a free lifetime membership with low hourly and daily rates. You can reserve new cars, loaded with technology like free unlimited in-car 4G LTE WiFi™, Apple CarPlay®, Android Auto™, and SiriusXM™ Satellite Radio.
To be eligible, you must: In addition to the requirements above, we reserve the right to decline membership or terminate membership at any time. Please see the Participation Agreement Terms and Conditions for more information.
Download the app and register for a free lifetime membership. Once your registration is completed, you will be notified within a few hours of your enrollment status by email. Upon approval, you can reserve a car immediately with the mobile app.
Typically within minutes, but can take up to a few hours after you complete registration. We'll need to review your driving record before you're approved to drive (we do not do background checks or credit checks). You'll receive an email about the status of your registration after this review has been completed.
Not quite yet, please stay tuned for more.
Yes. However, if you possess a non-US driver’s license it must be considered valid in the state in U.S. state in which you reside. To register, download the app and complete the following steps:
  • When choosing state from the drop down list select "Other."
  • During driver's license capture select "United States" as the region.
  • Enter the license number as it appears.
  • Complete the payment section. Your card must be issued and distributed by a U.S. or Canadian bank.
  • Upon completing your registration, send a front and back copy of your driver's license to with the subject line "International Driver's License" for approval
Here are some tips:
  • Try using a darker background.
  • Avoid glare on the license.
  • Hold your phone horizontally.
  • Align the license within the crop lines.
  • If all else fails you can sign up here.
Sorry, the scans usually recognize this information. You can try retaking it by pressing the back button or you can manually enter your personal and license information. Please make sure to enter all numbers and letters without spaces.
Sometime the scans aren’t perfect. No worries, you can update your information by logging into the Maven app by tapping on the "More" tab. However, if you’ve entered your email address incorrectly, you will need to email .
Rest assured, your selfie is safe with us. It is used only to verify your identify and confirm a match with your license photo. For details please check Maven's Privacy Statement .


The referral program allows you to share us with friends easily. Simply send them your personal invite code and when they became a member and complete a trip, you'll receive at least $15 for use on a future reservation.
To get your personal invite code, go to the My Info Tab in the app. To share your invite code, simply tap "Invite Friends."
To use an invite code, go to the "My Info" tab in the app and click on "Enter New Code." From there, copy in your friend’s invite code and hit Submit. The referral award will instantly appear in your Available Awards.
If you shared an invite code with a friend and didn't receive your referral award, it could be for a couple of a reasons. Your friend could have signed up but forgot to use your code; they used the code but never completed a trip; or they were not approved as a member. If you used a friend's invite code but didn't get your award, email us at .
There are two ways that you can earn a referral award. 1. Become a member using a friend's invite code and get at least $15 instantly to use on a trip. 2. Share your invite code with a friend. Once your friend becomes a member and completes a trip, you'll receive at least $15 to use towards a future reservation.
Yes. They expire 180 days after they are added to your account. You can easily see when an award will expire by going to the “Awards & Promotions” section of your account.
You can see all your awards by going to "My Info" in the app and clicking on "Awards & Promotions." Under the heading "Available Awards" you will see a listing of all the awards you currently have, their value, why you were given the award, and when each award will expire.
When you are scheduling a reservation in the app, simply press the "Available Promos" button and select which award you'd like to use. The discounted amount will be subtracted from your reservation total.


    1. Click on Find a Car (magnifying glass icon).
    2. On the map view, any station icon that is black means that at least one car is available at that station. If the station is grayed out, that means there are currently no cars available.
    3. From the list view, only cars available will be listed to choose from to make a reservation.
1. Click on Find a Car (magnifying glass icon).
2. Click on the station icon from the map view (note: black icons are the stations that have available cars to rent) or list icon to view a list of available cars.
3. Select the car you want.
4. Select start and end time.
5. Enter promo/referral code (if available).
6. Click Reserve.
You can book a car for as little as one hour for up to 28 days at a time. You only pay for the time you need - you can extend your trip (when available) in one hour increments.
No. All Maven cars must be returned to the same station they were picked up from.
iOS 9.3 or above and Android 5.0 and above are currently supported.
Each reservation is allotted 180 miles per reservation day. For example, if you have a two day reservation, then you can drive the car a total of 360 miles. It does not matter when those miles are driven. Mileage above the limitation incurs a $0.42 per mile fee.
You can cancel or change your reservation at no charge until 24 hours before the reservation is scheduled to begin. If you cancel within the 24-hour window of the reservation, you will be charged the full amount of the reservation.
Payments are all handled through the credit or debit card you input when you register as part the “Payment Details” section of the enrollment process. We accept a variety of major credit or debit card carriers (Note: Pre-paid cards, gift cards, and virtual cards are not accepted). The payment method you put on file will be billed upon ending your reservation. Please make sure you maintain accurate credit or debit card information so that your account is kept in good standing.
24 hours prior to the start of your trip, you will see pending charges on your payment account to ensure funds are available for your reservation. The pending charge will either be our $75 pre-authorization amount or the cost of the reservation if the cost of the reservation is greater than $75. When you end your trip, you will only be charged for your trip time. Note: There may be additional charges added for things such as late fees or cleaning fees if applicable.
Members can resolve their billing issues by emailing us at Please make sure you include your full name, reservation number, and reason for contacting us. You will receive a response within 2 business days, and if applicable, we will reimburse you within 7 business days.


From compacts, to sedans, to electric, to SUVs, we have a car to fit your every need. Jump into the app to see what cars are available close to you.
All of our cars have automatic transmissions.
Every car comes with Apple CarPlay®, Android Auto™ so you can easily access your music, messages, maps, and contacts. Additionally, every car has free unlimited in-car 4G LTE WiFi™, SiriusXM™ Satellite Radio, and 24/7 live assistance and roadside service with OnStar®.


When you join, you gain access to our fleet of Vehicles simply by using your smartphone. At the time of your reservation, just walk up to Vehicle with the smartphone you made your reservation with. Once you have confirmed your Bluetooth is turned on, press the unlock button in the App, and the magic happens.

Our app is available for iPhone with iOS 9.3 or above or Android 5.0 devices with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
There are no traditional keys – your phone is the key! The magic is that the app acts as your key allowing you to lock, unlock, and start and remote start the Vehicle. You will not be able to start the Vehicle unless the phone you made the reservation with is inside it.

All Vehicle models have start buttons instead of keys. To start these Vehicles, simply step on the brake, press the start button, and you're good to go. Note: you must push the button again in order to turn the Vehicle off.
No, unfortunately you can’t. We do our best to accommodate everyone’s complete access to Maven. As demand for our service changes we’ll revisit this.
Before you drive off, be sure to take a few minutes to do a thorough walk-around to see if there are any dents, scratches or other damage. Check the inside as well.

If you notice any problems, either press the blue OnStar button or call us at 1 844-HIMAVEN (1-844-446-2836) and report it. Please provide us with as much detail as possible, like the exact location of the damage, the approximate size of any dents or scratches, etc.

You don't want to be held responsible for damage you didn't cause, so please don't forget to check at the start of every reservation.
Your Maven Vehicle should have at least 1/4 tank of fuel when you arrive. A fuel card located in the driver’s side visor can be used to refuel the Vehicle. The cost of fuel is covered by Maven. Also, there are a variety of members using Maven Vehicles on a daily basis – please do your part to keep the Vehicles clean. It's all part of the rules. If there's a problem, we ask that you call us at 1 844-HIMAVEN (1-844-446-2836) and report it.

If you'd like to take the car for a cleaning, you can pay for it and we'll reimburse your account up to $15 within seven (7) business days. If you prefer, we'll do our best to move you to a different Vehicle.
Because all garages are different, some cars require a parking card, while others do not. If the gate does not lift automatically as you approach it, use the parking card located in the driver’s side visor. Some garages require that you place this card against the payment machine at the exit or entrance. Once the machine recognizes the parking card, the gate to the garage will open.
Provided that another member does not have a reservation immediately after yours, you can extend using the Maven app on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

See if additional time is available to extend your reservation by opening your existing reservation in the mobile app and clicking on the “Extend” button. If another reservation exists after your scheduled end time, you are unable to extend your reservation. Please note you will be charged for the additional time if you choose to extend your reservation.
Yes. Existing reservations can be canceled or extended via the Maven smartphone app. You must cancel an existing reservation at least 24 hours prior or you will be charged for that reservation.
To cancel your reservation, use your mobile app and click on “My Trips.” Under “Upcoming Trips,” select your scheduled reservation. Click the “Cancel Trip” button. Click “Confirm Change.” Please note that if you cancel your reservation within 24 hours of the scheduled start time you will be charged for the reservation.
This is a feature to remind customers to lock the doors after leaving the car. Make sure to take your phone with you upon exiting and lock the car via the app.
Maven cars are all outfitted for electronic toll payment, either with transponders or by registration with the tolling authorities. Even though you might not see a transponder (for example EZ-pass or Fastrak) in the vehicle you may always use the electronic tolling lanes. After your trip, Maven will bill you for any tolls incurred during that trip within 30 days. If you did pay cash for a toll, please email your reservation number and a picture of the toll receipt with the date and time visible to .
If you did pay cash for a toll, please email your reservation number and a picture of the toll receipt with the date and time visible to . You should not pay cash for any tolls, as Maven cars are all outfitted for electronic toll payment.
Yes, your membership includes roadside assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Either push the blue OnStar button inside the car or call us at 844-HIMAVEN (844-446-2836) and we will take care of the details.
Yes, but only when it's kept in a locked pet carrier. Many members are allergic to pet hair, so if any happen to escape the pet carrier, please clean it up before your reservation comes to an end. Service animals used by members or passengers with disabilities are an exception. These animals are allowed in the car without a pet carrier. If you need to bring a service animal into a car, please let us know by calling 844-HIMAVEN (844-446-2836) so that we can clean the car for the next member.
You are responsible for the cost of any parking fees or violations you might incur, including fees for meters, garages, and parking tickets. If you receive a parking ticket on the windshield, please pay or contest the ticket ASAP. If Maven should receive notice of any parking violations, we will attempt to redirect the ticket to you and you will be responsible to pay or contest the ticket. If we cannot redirect the ticket, Maven will bill you the amount of the ticket plus a processing fee of $20.
No. Smoking damages the cars, plus it is dangerous to the health of other members. For any member found to be smoking in the car, we will charge you for the cost of cleaning the car to make it completely smoke free.
Before you drive off, if you smell smoke and/or see cigarette ashes in the car, be sure to push the blue Onstar button or call us at 844-HI-MAVEN (844-446-2836) to report the issue.
Yes. Please keep in mind children under the age of 13 need to sit in the backseat. Also, members must follow applicable state regulations as it pertains to the use of baby seats and/or booster seats when traveling with an infant or toddler during your trip.
If you are unable to locate the phone you made your reservation with, you may use another smartphone to start or complete your reservation, provided you download the app on that phone and login with your login credentials. If you do not have another phone and you have accessed your member reserved car, press the blue OnStar button in the car, and an agent will assist you.
If you are able to access your member reserved car, there are aux cords that will allow you to charge your smartphone, so that you can continue your trip. Also, you may use another phone provided you download the mobile app and login with your credentials to start or continue your trip.
Absolutely. However, please prioritize safety and pair your phone prior to driving the car. Also, in cars equipped with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto you can project your phone’s content (music, contacts, etc.) within the car – enjoy.
Only members can drive our cars. If you've got a fellow member along for the ride, it's OK to go ahead and share the driving time. Keep in mind the member who has the car reserved is responsible for the condition of it when in use and is responsible for repairs if damage occurs to the car.

Non-members are not covered by our insurance. If you allow a non-member to drive during your reservation, you will be responsible for repairs in addition to an unauthorized driving fee of $500 (plus any applicable taxes). You will lose your membership as well.
Cars cannot be driven outside the country where you start your reservation. Taking the car internationally area may result in termination of your membership.
Call 844-HIMAVEN (844-446-2836) to report your left item(s). We will make every effort to have your belongings returned to you as soon as possible.
If you find an item(s) in a car, please place it in the glove compartment or trunk and give us a call at 844-HIMAVEN (844-446-2836) so that we may help get the item(s) returned to the previous member.
In all markets, except New York, you cannot use a valet service at a restaurant or other parking location that's not authorized by Maven. New York reservations can use the physical key with valet services.
Please avoid commercial zone parking areas. If you park in a commercial zone parking area and are ticketed, you will be responsible for those fees.
You are responsible for the cost of any tickets you incur, such as parking, red light camera and speed camera tickets. If you incur a parking ticket during your trip, please pay the ticket yourself ASAP. If Maven receive notice of any violations, we will attempt to redirect the ticket to you and you will be responsible to pay or contest the ticket. If we cannot redirect the ticket to you, Maven will bill you the amount of the ticket plus a processing fee of $20.
If you receive notice of the ticket, such as a parking ticket on your windshield, you may contest the ticket as allowed by the issuing authority. Be sure to do so ASAP. If Maven should receive notice of the ticket, Maven will attempt to redirect the ticket to you. You then have the option to contest the ticket as allowed by the issuing authority. If Maven receives notice of the ticket and we cannot redirect the ticket to you, it is not possible to contest the ticket. Maven will bill you the amount of the ticket plus a processing fee of $20.
For emergency situations, press the red emergency OnStar button and request help. OnStar will help contact the police, emergency cars, or a tow truck as needed. Wait with the car until the police have completed their investigation and request a copy of the police report. Having a police report is your best defense during an insurance investigation. If the police will not come to the scene, be sure to ask them why and let us know their reason. You will also need to send documentation about the incident via email to

For non-emergency situations, please report the incident by contacting 844-HIMAVEN (844-446-2836) as soon as possible and agent will assist you.
Please be mindful when parking to observe all parking signs and applicable laws. If you get towed away, please contact us directly at 844-HIMAVEN (844-446-2836). You will be responsible for any applicable charges.
Contact us immediately at 844-HIMAVEN (844-446-2836). Please document in writing the circumstances surrounding the theft and any suspicious activity you may have observed.


A fuel card located in the driver’s side visor can be used to refuel the car. The cost of fuel is covered by us. To fill up, you’ll need to enter the car's mileage and the six digit ID which are both found in the app. Simply click on the Blue Key and hit "Fuel." Please be sure to fill up the gas tank in its entirety and return the fuel card in the car to its spot in the driver’s side visor holder so it may be used by a future member.
We ask all members to return the car with a minimum of 1/4 tank of gas to avoid receiving a low fuel fee of $30 plus applicable taxes.
Always check your car details or the inside of the gas cap to ensure you add the correct fuel type — mistakes can be expensive!
Contact 844-HIMAVEN (844-446-2836) to report that the fuel card is missing or not working. If the fuel level is at or below a 1/4 tank, use a personal method of payment, save your itemized receipt, and email Member Services requesting reimbursement. Note: Credit card statements and pre-paid receipts are not accepted.
Some cars have unique gas tank covers. You’ll find a button on the inside of the driver’s side door with a common gas station pump icon. Just push the button when you are ready to put fuel into the car and you will be all set.


If you have a round-trip reservation, please return the Maven car to its home location, which is the same place you picked the car up. For locations that have more than one reserved Maven car space, you may park in any available Maven parking spot as identified by Maven parking signage.
Call us at 844-HIMAVEN (844-446-2836) and we'll work with you to find a nearby parking space. If there's another car in the Maven spot, please make a note of the make, model, and number plate and provide that information to the agent assisting you.
Some garages require access codes or passes to enter or exit the garage. Please refer to the station directions under "Current Trips" in the Maven app for that information. If the garage/lot is not accessible due to another reason, (example: entryway blocked), contact 844-HIMAVEN (844-446-2836) and an agent will assist you in parking your car in another location.
Before exiting the car, please remember to take all your belongings, remove any trash, and leave at least 1/4 tank of fuel for the next member. Once you have exited the car, click on the Blue Key in the Maven app and press the lock button to lock the car. Then click "End Trip" on the Maven app.
If the End Trip button is not enabled preventing you from ending your trip, please contact 844-HIMAVEN (844-446-2836) and an agent will assist you.
Yes, you may return the car early. However, you will be charged for the reservation time you have booked.
If you are running late, please start by opening your smartphone app to see if you can extend the reservation. Under “My Trips” you can select “Extend” and choose a new date and time to return your car. Please note that extensions made must be a minimum of one hour. If you cannot extend your current reservation, please make every attempt to return the car as soon as possible and notify us by calling 844-HIMAVEN (844-446-2836). If you do return the car late, you will incur late charges.
Once you hit "End Trip" you will receive a confirmation message in the mobile app and an email. You will also see your trip displayed under "Past Trips" in the Maven mobile app.
After selecting “End Trip” in the Maven app to end a reservation, you will have the opportunity to provide specific feedback regarding your reservation experience.
If you return your car late, you will be charged a late fee of $50 every hour that the car is late. In addition to the reservation hourly reservation fee.
Members are asked to remove all trash and return the cars in a clean condition. At a minimum, you should return the car in the same condition you found it. If the car is not left in a clean condition, this could result in a fine.
You are responsible for returning the car with at least 1/4 tank of fuel. If you do not return the car with at least 1/4 tank of fuel, you will be charged a fine.


Every member who complies with the membership contract is covered up to the minimum state required levels while driving a Maven car. We provide complimentary insurance to all members. You will be responsible for damage to the car up to the deductible. You also may be responsible for damages if you do not follow program rules or drive recklessly.

If the cars are used in accordance with the Rules of Use and otherwise in a safe manner, you will not be charged for any damage to the car beyond the deductible. However, if you fail to comply with the terms and conditions of this Agreement or otherwise operate a car in a negligent or reckless manner or in any way that endangers others, you agree to defend, indemnify and hold us, our affiliates and respective directors, officers, shareholders, employees and agents, and, harmless from all claims, liability and expenses arising out of your non-compliant or reckless use of the car(s) regardless of whether those claims arise from you or any third party. We may recover damages you owe under this agreement by charging the payment method you provided.
Insurance is included, but if you happen to be involved in an incident with your Maven car, a damage fee of up to the $750 deductible may apply. A damage fee can apply for dents, scratches, collisions, windshield cracks, vandalism, and third party damages.

Before each reservation, we ask you to check the car inside and out and report any damage. If damage is discovered, please take photos of the damage and email member services at This ensures that you will not be held responsible for damage that may have happened before your reservation.
Some credit/debit cards may cover the deductible if that is part of your credit card agreement. Please contact your credit card company to confirm. We will charge the credit or debit card you have on file with us.
When driving a car, your personal insurance might cover you. Many personal auto insurance policies also provide coverage for reservations. Read your policy or contact your insurance agent to ensure you are aware of the details of your insurance coverage.
Members are expected to work with the insurance companies regarding the investigation of the claim. Once a claim has been closed, there is no appeal and the claim cannot be reopened.


No. Membership is free. There are also no annual or application fees.
Members are charged upon completion of their trip, however we will pre-authorize a charge of $75 or your estimated total usage fees, whichever is higher.
Yes, you may update your credit card information up to four times within a 24 hour period. If you attempt to update your credit card information more than four times within a 24 hour period, your account will be suspended.
In the rare case where you may need to replace wiper blades or add oil, we'll reimburse up to $50. For a car wash, we'll reimburse up to $15. To request reimbursement for an out of pocket expense, email member services at Be sure to include your itemized and date/time stamped receipt, as well as the reservation number, within 30 days of purchase. Credit card statements are not accepted.
We recommend that you contact the credit card issuer to confirm they are accepting charges from Maven.


If you believe you have entered your email address incorrectly on your account and you have already entered your Driver's License information, please email member services at with your correct email address and they will assist in fixing your account.
You can update your credit card information in the app by simply clicking on "More" in the lower right corner, then "My Info." Click on the credit card line item to edit your method of payment on file and then click Save. Please note, you may update your credit card information up to four times within a 24 hour period. If you attempt to update your credit card information more than four times within a 24 hour period your account will be suspended.
If you wish to cancel your membership, give us a call at 844-HIMAVEN (844-446-2836) or email us at
You can update your personal information, such as your phone number, in the app by simply clicking on "More" in the lower right corner, then "My Info." Click on the applicable piece of information you wish to update and then complete click Save.
To update your Driver's License information, open the app and click on "More" in the lower right corner, then click on "My Info." Click on the Driver's License line item to update your Driver's License information and click Save. Please note that this will require another review of your Driver's License history and may take 24-48 hours to approve your membership.


You cannot drive your reserved car across international borders as our insurance policy does not cover cars outside of their country of origin. Violation of this policy will result in termination of your Maven membership.


In the list of available cars at each station, the valet locations will have a light blue banner that appears below the station name. The banner will read “Station has a valet that will assist you with your car.” All stations in New York City and Brooklyn are Valet Stations.
No, you do not need to make a new reservation. Simply notify the valet of your reservation and the valet will bring the car to you. However, you will still be responsible for paying the entire reservation time, including the time it takes for the valet to bring the car to you if it has already been reparked.
To gain access to your car, please activate the Bluetooth on your phone and connect to the car. To ensure connectivity, press the “Unlock” button in the app. At that time, the valet will hand over the physical keys to you. Connectivity to the car with the app is required to start the reservation, but you can use both the app and physical keys to lock and unlock the car during your reservation.
We provide keys to members in New York City and Brooklyn to easily park the car with any valet throughout the city.
When returning the car to the valet station where the car was picked up, you will need to return the key to the valet at the garage. If the key is not returned, you may be subject to additional fees for key replacement.

After the key has been returned and your trip is complete, open the app, press the blue key button on the bottom of the screen, select "End Trip", and then "Yes, I'm sure".

Note: The app must always be used to end the reservation via the “End Trip” command. Failure to end the trip may result in additional late fees. Also, you must be at the original pickup valet station to successfully end your trip.
Call 844-HI-MAVEN (or press the blue OnStar button) and report the lost keys to the advisor. You will still be able to continue with your reservation using the app, but may be subject to additional fees for key replacement. When you return the car to the home station, please let the valet know that you have reported the keys missing to us. Do not turn off the car upon return if the keys are missing.