Share More Than Just the Road. Here's How You Can Join the Movement.

Offering on-demand access through an app to cars around your city. Plus, hourly and daily rentals for cars to meet your every need.

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From rideshare to delivery jobs, Maven Gig offers you the freedom to drive for any service - with a range of cars and low weekly rates.

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Offset the costs of car ownership by renting your GM car to approved members when you’re not using it.

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Flexibility & Independence

I’m an entrepreneur at heart and there’s a certain freedom you have as a rideshare driver. Maven Gig helps me keep the money flowing with the flexibility and independence I need to work for any app. The beauty is you can also use your car for personal use, and it’s unlimited mileage, so I’m able to function with the car to do everything I need.

Jesus Rosa - Maven Gig member

Affordable & On-Demand

Previously, if we wanted to get outside of the core metro area of the city we lived in, we would have to book a car days in advance, pay numerous booking fees, and pick-up and return the vehicle during business hours. The vehicles weren't even that nice. Now with Maven, we can pick up a car in minutes, drop it off at any time, and they’re clean, new vehicles with affordable options for luxury when we want it.

Trent Harvey - San Francisco Maven Car Share member since July 2017


Maven is turning out to be a wonderful thing because my daughter is at college now, and I've been renting her car almost every weekend. We can still use the car, but I’m on track to offset the cost. The way the Maven system works, it's truly turn-key.

Jan Lower - Car Sharing owner in Metro Detroit