The Best Gelato Outside of Italy

Some scream for ice cream, we drive for gelato. Dolcezza is a local gem in D.C. serving up some of the finest gelato outside of Italy. All their gelato and sorbetto – from Salted Caramel to Thai Coconut Milk – is hand-made fresh in small batches every morning at their Gelato Factory & Coffee Lab, using mostly local ingredients: fruits, herbs, nuts, milk and cream. Take that in for a second: hand-made means a person – not a machine – is squeezing the fruit, melting the chocolate, infusing the herbs, grinding the nuts and roasting the spices, every single morning, to ensure every scoop has the perfect texture, delicate balance & exquisite taste their known for. Salivating yet?

Working with the local farming community, the ingredients they source are as important as the people that produce them – and it shows.

To say you can ‘taste the love’ might sound cliché, but you totally can! The proof is in every cup they serve, be it gelato, or a perfectly poured cup of coffee from the in-house cafe. Care, precision and attention to detail reign supreme at Dolcezza. As they say, “it’s the way gelato used to be made, and so, it’s the way we choose to make it, as always.”

Check them out at or on Instagram (if you dare to be tempted) at @DolcezzaGelato on Instagram.