Maven Valet Introduced to Simplify the NYC Car Sharing Experience

Maven car sharing is simple, seamless and smart, which is why we’ve introduced a valet service in New York City. Don’t worry about parking your Maven car when starting or ending your reservation.  We’ll take care of it. Here’s everything to know about using a Maven valet station:

1. Garage attendant retrieves car

Once you’ve secured a reservation at a valet station through the Maven mobile app head over to the garage and ask an attendant for your Maven car when you arrive. 

2. Use the Maven app to verify reservation

Pull out your phone, open the Maven app and use it to show the attendant you can unlock the car. 

3. Attendant hands you the key

The key allows you to visit other valets. But please keep the key safe, if it’s not returned with the car you may acquire additional fees. 

4. Your phone is a key too

During your reservation, the app can lock and unlock your car.

5. Return the key and the car to the garage attendant

After returning the car and the key, go into the Maven app and end the reservation.