Maven Gig Offers Trucks to Rideshare Drivers, Collaborates with GoShare

The gig economy is rapidly evolving, which is why we’re adding truck rentals to Maven Gig and collaborating with GoShare.

As we continue to learn about the gig economy, we often hear how rideshare drivers experience increased competition and longer lulls in the day between rides. To stay busy during the day, drivers are increasingly signing up for different delivery services. So we knew this was the perfect time to add a versatile quad-cab truck to our fleet, and partner with GoShare.

By getting into a Maven Gig truck and signing up to drive for GoShare, drivers can seamlessly fill those slow periods of the day with bulk pickups, including runs to big box stores for a large GoShare user base. With GoShare, drivers can turn their spare time into extra income. With a small pickup truck, GoShare drivers can earn up to $47.52 per hour plus tips. Long bed pickup trucks and cargo vans earn up to $61.92 per hour plus tips.

Phil Arrington III, a 32-year-old GoShare driver in Los Angeles with a small pickup truck, says afternoons around 11 a.m. are jam packed with jobs on GoShare’s mobile app. But what he appreciates most about GoShare is the opportunity to have a set schedule if he wants it.

“That’s the difference between GoShare and other apps, they give the opportunity for drivers to see a job and decide whether they want to do it, and set their schedules to do multiple jobs in a day, or even a job in the future,” he says,” which is a lot easier than other apps.”

The per minute rate and estimated earnings for each job is disclosed upfront before a driver chooses to accept it. The minimum a driver can make is $23.99 per delivery. Arrington says he makes $.79 cents a minute, though the cost per minute changes based on the truck size. Long bed pickup truck and cargo van drivers earn $1.03 per minute. Customers can also leave tips for drivers in the app.

“The app will give you a map showing the pickup and drop off location, the pickup time, and the average price,” says Arrington. “You decide if the job is worth your time, and if you have the ability to move the item alone.” Some jobs are harder than others. Arrington has moved TVs, made pickups to large box stores, and even moved a cast iron tub. “It’s important to think closely about the physical demands because you’re putting your body on the line.”

As for earnings, the GoShare app keeps track for you. Arrington says that when he’s not completely focused on GoShare he makes about $3500 a month, but that he’s made as much as $6,000 a month.

Maven Gig will start by offering one Chevrolet Colorado in Los Angeles in partnership with GoShare to help those that are interested in working in the rideshare/delivery space, but don’t have a truck to get the job done. We hope it will be the perfect combination and opportunity for a driver to maximize their earnings potential, and lead to adding more trucks to the Maven Gig platform.

Interested in a truck for your hustle? We want to hear from you! While Maven Gig has started providing trucks in LA, we are considering other markets where there is interest.

Learn more about driving for GoShare. Learn more about GoShare’s last mile delivery service. Learn more about Maven Gig. You can also download the Maven app and select “Drive to earn with ride sharing and deliver services” to enroll and see our available cars and trucks.