Driving The Next Generation of Great Minds In Ann Arbor

What does a smarter car sharing service feel like? A seamless, connected experience that is completely tailored to you. A service that’s as accessible as it is innovative.

For many students in Ann Arbor, owning a car is costly – or outright impossible – because parking is so hard to come by in the city. Maven set out to solve that and make it easier for students to get around campus, affordably, quickly, and most-importantly, safely.

After the initial launch, Maven started rolling out One-way car sharing for members in Ann Arbor, letting users pick up vehicles and use them to get between the city and the University of Michigan. With One-way, members to pick up their rental vehicles in one location and drop them off somewhere completely different, instead of the lot that they started at. The One-way service is a big advantage for students because it means they don’t have to worry about planning their return trip, or paying to keep a car booked while they’re in class.

Ann Arbor has 20 locations to pick-up and drop-off Maven vehicles, spanning from downtown Ann Arbor, the University’s North Campus, the I-94 and M-14.

Get a Maven and #BeThere.