Owner FAQ


COVID-19 Updates for Owners

Why was the upcoming reservation on my car canceled?

Due to COVID-19, Maven Car Sharing cars (including peer-owned cars) have been made temporarily unavailable and reservations will not be possible until the 7th of April. We are monitoring the situation closely and will update you if there are any changes.

Why is Maven limiting peer to peer rentals when food delivery services are still running?

Maven Car Sharing members can only use the cars for personal use. Peer cars cannot be used for professional services.

Do I need to block my calendar?

Maven has temporarily made all cars unavailable. Please keep updating your car’s availability so that it is accurate when cars become available again.

How can I monitor updates?

Maven will continue to send email updates as things develop. You can also view any updates on Maven.com and join our Owner Facebook group where we will also post any update and you can connect with other owners.

Will I still be paid out on time?

Yes. All payments will be processed as usual.

How will I get information on my outstanding claim? What if I have questions regarding it?

We will update you on any outstanding claims as updates become available. If you have any questions, you can Message Us through the dashboard or call 1-844 HI MAVEN.

When will my car be able to be active on Maven again?

At this time, we are limiting our services until 7th April 2020. However, we are monitoring the situation in accordance with government, state, and CDC policies and will update you accordingly.

Joining Maven Car Sharing for Owners

What is Maven for Owners?

A Maven Car Sharing program that lets eligible Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac owners list their car for rental on the Maven app and earn money for doing it.

What are the eligibility requirements?

We're looking for owners who:

Have a Chevrolet, Buick, GMC or Cadillac car or truck model year 2015 or newer*
Can park their car in Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Southeast Michigan.
Have a car that sits idle during the day, night or weekend
Are 18 years of age or older
Have a valid U.S. or International driver's license
Enroll and are approved as a Maven Owner
Accept the Maven Owner Agreement Terms & Conditions and Privacy Statement

In addition to the requirements listed above, Maven reserves the right to decline membership or terminate ownership at any time. (Refer to the Maven Owner Agreement Terms & Conditions for more information.)

*Cars excluded include: CVO cars, Maven Gig, salvage title cars, cars with an open recall, diesel engine, non-power lock cars, and manual transmission equipped cars.

How do I join?

Go to Owner Enrollment to sign up. Complete the enrollment form by providing some basic personal information and your car's identification number (VIN), which can be found on your car's registration or insurance documentation, or where the corner of your car's dashboard meets the windshield.

Where is Maven for Owners available?

We are in four U.S. markets: Ann Arbor, Detroit, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

How long does it take before I am approved?

After you complete your enrollment to be a Maven Owner, you will be contacted within one business day to learn next steps. To help expedite the process, be sure to respond to the enrollment confirmation email to confirm your email address.

What are you doing with my information?

We use, store, and process your information to provide and improve our services, and ensure a secure, safe, and trusted experience. For specific details on how we may collect and use your information, please refer to our Privacy Statement.

Can drivers see my personal information?

No, we take privacy very seriously. Maven drivers will not be able to see any Maven Owner information, they will only be able to view details of an owner's car that is available to rent.

I am a Maven Gig member, can I join Maven for Owners

You can join Maven for Owners, however at this time you may not list your Maven Gig car for rent. If you have a personal car that you want to list with Maven, you can do so (provided the car meets our eligibility requirements.)

I am a Maven Car Sharing member, can I join Maven for Owners?

Yes! You can also enroll in Maven for Owners to list your personal car for rent (provided the car meets our eligibility requirements.) To enroll, go to Owner Enrollment .

Also, as an approved Maven Car Sharing member, you may reserve Maven Peer cars if they are available in your market.

I am a GM employee, can I join Maven for Owners?

Yes! You may enroll to become a Maven Owner, but please note that company owned cars may not be listed to rent.

I tried to enroll but I was told I was not eligible. Why?

Program eligibility depends on various factors, such as where you park your car and the type of car you own. If you do not park your car in an eligible market or own an eligible GM car, we will put you on our waitlist and notify you as soon as you are eligible to participate.

Cars and Eligibility

What cars are eligible?

Most 2015 or newer Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac cars are eligible.

For certain model year cars, we will need to validate at an individual VIN-level. This includes 2015 Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet Silverado, Chevrolet Spark, Chevrolet Suburban, Chevrolet Tahoe, GMC Sierra, GMC Yukon, GMC Yukon XL; 2017 GMC Acadia

After you’ve enrolled, you will receive a confirmation if your car is eligible.

Unfortunately, a few cars are not eligible due to device compatibility. This includes 2015-2017: Buick Enclave, Chevrolet Traverse, GMC Acadia, GMC Savanna, Chevrolet City Express, Chevrolet Express Van; 2018: Chevrolet City Express, Chevrolet Express Van, GMC Savanna, 2019 Chevrolet Corvette, Chevrolet Cruze/ Hatchback (Key Start only), Chevrolet Impala, Chevrolet Express Van, Chevrolet Silverado (Key Start only), GMC Sierra(Key Start only), and GMC Savanna.

Can I list my non-GM car with Maven?

We appreciate your interest! Non-GM cars are not eligible at this time, but if you enroll you will be notified if your non-GM car becomes eligible.

I lease my car, are lease cars eligible?

In most cases, you are able to list a leased car for rent with Maven. Before listing your car, we recommend reviewing the terms of your lease (and any other accompanying financial documentation) to ensure there are no restrictions for you to participate in car sharing.


Can I list multiple cars with Maven?

Yes, once you log into your Owner dashboard, just toggle to the Garage section to add more eligible cars.

Are manual transmission cars eligible?

Not at this time.

Are diesel engine cars eligible?

Not at this time.

Getting Your Car Ready to Rent

What are my responsibilities as the car owner?

As a owner, you are a key member of our community and have unique responsibilities. We ask that owners follow these community standards:

I have been approved as a Maven Owner. What do I need to do next?

Congratulations and welcome! Next, you will be contacted by a dedicated Maven Owner Mentor within one business day to schedule an onboarding appointment to make your car ready for rent. This appointment will include an inspection of your car, taking photos for your listing, installing a device to allow drivers to access and drive your car with the Maven app, as well as outfitting your car with some Maven decals, materials, and a charging cord.

What changes are you making to my car during the onboarding appointment?

A Maven technician will install a device in your car which will allow drivers to access, drive, and secure your car during their reservation through the Maven app. This device will also disable the car's starter (when not in use by you or a verified driver) to add extra security against car theft. As the owner of the car, you can still use your regular key and key fob to access and start the car when you have blocked your calendar for personal use.

Do I need to pay for the device installed in my car?

For a limited time, owners that are approved will not be charged for the technology or installation of the technology in the car (a $200 value).

How long will you have my car during my onboarding appointment?

The process will take around 4-6 hours. If for some reason we need more time, we will contact you immediately to provide an updated estimated time of completion.

Who will contact me when my car is ready to be dropped off?

The person who you met at your appointment and assisted in onboarding your car will contact you. Should you have any questions before, during, or after, please reach out to your onboarding contact.

Are there any restrictions of where I choose to designate my car pick-up/return location?

Yes, we have pre-approved areas where you can list your car for pick-up/return. Additionally, any locations with restricted access will only be permitted to be rented during the time which the location is open for accessing and exiting.

Why does my car need a lockbox?

Since some cars are not push to start, drivers will need the key to start the car. We've provided a lockbox that will keep your key secure in your car in between rentals. When a Maven driver reserves your car, they will be given a code that allows them access to the lockbox for that reservation.

Why do I need to have both keys with me at my onboarding appointment?

For non-push start cars that require a physical key to start the car, we require that both keys be programmed at the time of onboarding so that they are recognized by the technology in the car. By programming both keys at the time of onboarding, you and Maven drivers that reserve your car will be able to use the key fob to unlock, lock, and start your car.

If only one key is programmed at the time of onboarding, the other key fob will not be recognized by your car and will no longer be functional, preventing you from unlocking, locking, or starting your car for personal use.

Do I need Maven decals on my car?

Yes, the Maven decals are subtle and make it easy for drivers to locate your car. They also help attract new, potential drivers in your area.

Can I smoke in my car?

It is your car, so if you are a smoker, you are allowed to smoke in it. We do not allow smoking by Maven drivers in any of our cars. If you are a smoker, you will not be eligible for compensation if it is found that your car smells like smoke after a reservation. If you do smoke, please indicate this in your car's location description so that Maven drivers are aware and can make the best decision for themselves when renting a car with Maven.

How should I prepare for rentals?

Ensuring that your car is clean and well-maintained car makes Maven a better experience for all of us. It helps to create a better relationship between you and you drivers and sets the standard for how you’d like your car to be treated.

Some suggestions:

Ensure your car is clean by checking it before scheduled reservations
Take your car in for regular maintenance, like oil changes and tire rotations
Inspect and photograph your vehicle once every seven (7) days to comply with the Maven Damage/Wear and Tear Guidelines
Wash and vacuum your car once a week (or more if you have several reservations in one day)
Keep small wash towels or a portable vacuum cleaner in your trunk to help drivers tidy up after their reservation
Leave a note in your description reminding drivers to take their trash with them
Bolt EV Owners – Ensure your car is charged. We recommend 80% or greater state of charge (SOC) when your make car available to rent. Minimally, you must maintain 50% SOC.

What are the maintenance requirements?

Owners are responsible for completing and paying for all regularly scheduled maintenance on their car. All cars should be maintained in a manner that is safe to operate by not only Maven drivers, but the owner, too. This includes no modifications, devices, equipment, or other items that could interfere with the safe operation of the car. For further information, please refer to the Maven Owner Agreement.

Scheduling Your Car's Availability

How do I set when my car is and is not available?

Visit your Owner Dashboard, click Schedule, and then select that day(s) and time(s) you wish to block time on your car from being rented. Any time not blocked off will be time in which a Maven driver can reserve your car. 

When creating or updating your schedule, you can select time by the ½ hour or you can check “All-Day” when you want to block time for personal use. Changes cannot be made in the past and must be made 15 minutes prior to the top of the next ½ hour..

Owners with Lockboxes
If you need to use your car and your car’s schedule is not blocked off for personal use, login to the Owner Dashboard to update your schedule. You will need to make the change within 15 minutes at the top of the next half hour. For example, if the current time is 11:10am, you need to update your schedule by 11:15am and select 11:30am as the start blocked time. If you need immediate access to your car, please contact Maven Owner Support at 844-HI-MAVEN.

Will Maven drivers see my car in the Maven app when I have blocked time on my car for personal use?

If you've blocked time on your car, Maven drivers won't be able to reserve your car in the Maven app during that time.

Drivers may book your car immediately if time is not blocked off on your car, so it's important to keep your car's availability up to date in your Owner Dashboard.

Can I change my car's availability after I've set my schedule?

Yes, you can modify your car’s schedule at any time via the Owner Dashboard. Below are things to remember when updating your car’s schedule.

Time selections are by the half hour and must be made 15 minutes prior to the top of the next ½ hour Example: If you want to block your car from 9:30 a.m.–4:00 p.m. on a Tuesday, you need to select 9:30 a.m. as your start time no later than 9:15 a.m. and then 4:00 p.m. as your end time.

Extending a Time Block
If you wish to extend the amount of time your car is blocked for personal use, you can modify your existing calendar before your scheduled block time begins . Once your scheduled block time starts, you will be able to edit the scheduled end time only.

All Day Time Blocks
If you wish to block an entire day for personal use, select the All-Day check box. Changes cannot be made in the past, so you must schedule your all-day block at least one day in advance. If you decide that you want an all-day block on the same day, select the top of the next 1/2 hour through 11:59 p.m.

Do I schedule my car availability by the hour or by the day?

You may block off time on your calendar by the ½ hour, hour, day or multiple days. Be sure schedule the requested change at least 15 minutes prior to the top of the next ½ hour. When scheduling an entire day for personal use, be sure to schedule the requested change at least one day prior.

You may schedule blocked time as far out on your calendar as you wish.

We know that schedules and plans can change, so be sure to manage your calendar regularly to ensure the time you want blocked is set for when you need it.

How far out can I schedule availability on my car?

You may block time on your calendar for personal use as far out as you wish. We recommend managing your calendar regularly so if plans change you can adjust and also be aware of upcoming reservations on your car.

Is there a minimum amount of time I need to make my car available to rent?

We do not have a minimum requirement, but we encourage all Owners to keep their car available as much as possible in order to maximize their earning potential. Another reason? We reward our Maven owners with a one time $150 sharing bonus if they make their car available for rent at least 15 days per month (equivalent hours) for three consecutive months.

What happens if I need to use my car during a time I have scheduled the car to be available?

If you need to use your car and your car’s schedule is not blocked off for personal use, login to the Owner Dashboard to update your schedule. You will need to make the change within 15 minutes at the top of the next half hour. For example, if the current time is 11:10am, you need to update your schedule by 11:15am and select 11:30am as the start blocked time. If you need immediate access to your car, please contact Maven Owner Support at 844-HI-MAVEN.

I'm planning on going on vacation, can I still list my car out while I'm away?

Yes. If you are out of town for a personal vacation or business trip, you are not prevented from renting your car. However, Maven Owners are expected to keep their car maintained while it is available for rent, which includes keeping it clean, maintaining proper fluid levels (oil, coolant), tire pressure, etc. So if you think you'll be out of town longer than will allow you to meet your owner responsibilities, we suggest you ask a friend or family member to inspect and maintain your car while you're gone.

My car won't start, what do I do?

To help prevent theft, cars with lockboxes have a security feature placed on the car when the car is available to rent. So, if your car is not blocked off for personal use and you attempt to use your car, the car will not start. If you wish to use your car, you should update your schedule in the Owner Dashboard. Updates must be made 15 minutes prior to the top of the next half hour. If you need immediate access to your car, please contact us at 844-HI-MAVEN and we will assist.

What happens if I’m running late from a personal trip and it impacts a scheduled reservation made on my car?

When using your car, please make sure you allow yourself enough time to return your car to it’s home location for the next scheduled “available” block of time to ensure no member reservations are impacted. If you find yourself running short on time, you may update your car’s schedule in your Owner Portal. Please remember that any updates to your car’s schedule must be made 15 minutes prior to the top of the next half hour. If there is a scheduled reservation during the time you need to block your calendar, please contact us at 844-HI-MAVEN and we will further assist you. Lastly, if a scheduled reservation within the next 24 hours is impacted, you will not be paid on that reservation and may be subject to a fee or account suspension per the Owner Terms of Service.

May I request a reservation be cancelled if I need to use my car?

We encourage you to keep your calendar up to date so that you have access to your car when you need it. If you do request to have a member’s reservation cancelled, you will not be paid on that reservation if the reservation is scheduled to start within the next 24 hours. Additionally, you are subject to a penalty fee and potentially account suspension if you make your car unavailable to a member who has reserved your car per the Owner Terms of Service.

Choosing Your Car's Price

Do I get to choose how much I list my car for?

Yes. We will provide you with a recommended hourly and daily rate, as well as a range, based on our research for cars like yours in your area. You may choose to use the recommended rate, or select a different rate within the range.

How does Maven determine their recommended rates for cars?

We consider many factors when recommending hourly and daily rates for an Owner's car, like the make, model, and year of your car, as well as the ZIP Code where the car is listed.

Can I adjust my rates after I list my car?

Of course, once your car is listed you may adjust your rates at any time. Please note that any reservations scheduled under your previous rate will still hold to the previously set rate, and any new reservations made will be held to your newly established rate.

Can I adjust my rates based on time of day, weekend, special events?

These are great ideas! Although you can't adjust rates for a future date, you are welcome to change your rate at any time. Please note, any scheduled reservations will be paid out at the originally scheduled rate.

Earnings & Payments

How do I get paid once my car is reserved?

Maven will deposit funds into your Stripe account each Wednesday for the previous week of reservations (Monday-Sunday). Within 24 hours of that deposit, you will receive a text notification from Stripe confirming the funds are in your Stripe account. The automatic transfer of funds from your Stripe account to your connected personal account will take 2-10 business days.

The automatic transfer of funds from your Stripe account to your connected personal account will take 2-10 business days. You will be able to view your weekly statements through the Owner Dashboard which will provide additional details on your earnings and reimbursements that were processed during that week.

How do I set up my Stripe account?

To set up your Stripe account, log in to your Owner Dashboard, click Account, and under the Payout section, click on Add Stripe Account. Once in Stripe, provide the required information to set up your account.

How often do I get paid?

You will receive payment on your reservation earnings to your Stripe account each Wednesday for the previous week of reservations (Monday-Sunday). Funds will be reflected in your Stripe account within 24 hours. These funds will automatically transfer from your Stripe account to your connected bank account in 2-10 business days.

How can I tell if I have been paid?

Log in to your Owner Dashboard and click on the Account tab, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link to access your Stripe account. (You may also access your Stripe account via the text you received regarding your payout.)

Note: The first time you access your Stripe account through your Owner Dashboard, you will be prompted to go through a 2-Step verification. Stripe will text you a code which you must enter when logging into your Stripe account as part of this 2-Step verification. Once confirmed, you will no longer have to perform this validation.

What if I have a billing question/issue?

If you have questions regarding your earnings or reimbursement requests, please contact us at 844-HI-MAVEN or message us through your owner dashboard.

I can't access my Stripe account, what do I do?

If you have questions regarding your earnings or reimbursement requests, please message us through your owner dashboard.

Can I view my earnings even before I am paid?

No, you cannot view future earnings, you can however log into your owner dashboard and view your previous earnings. You can also select Print View in the top right corner to give you your Monthly Statement.

What is the Sharing Bonus and how do I get it?

The Sharing Bonus is our way of saying thanks for contributing to the sharing economy. Maven owners who have their car available for rent a minimum of 15 days availability (equivalent hours) for three consecutive months at will be given a one-time bonus of $150 at the end of that three month period.

What is the percentage I get to keep from my rental earnings?

For each completed reservation on your car, you will receive 60% of the total reservation cost (excluding taxes/fees.) The remaining 40% is used by Maven to cover things like the insurance on your car while in rental and OnStar's 24/7 emergency and convenience services.

Is the incentive amount the same for every car make/model?

Yes, for any car that is listed for rent with Maven, the Owner will receive 60% of the reservation cost.

How can I make more money with my car?

Your car's earnings and rental volume are based on a variety of factors, including location, price, availability, and your car's make, model, and year. We recommend the following best practices to optimize your car's earnings:

Are my earnings taxable?

Income earned from car sharing activities is subject to federal income taxes and may also be subject to state income taxes. You may be able to deduct certain related expenses from your income. You should maintain detailed records of your income and expenses from car sharing (i.e. a log). Since each individual’s tax situation is unique, please consult with a tax professional for specific information regarding your car sharing income and deductions.

How does Maven handle taxable income?

You are the owner of a rental vehicle. You will receive income from Maven Members and perhaps Maven, itself. Maven will not withhold taxes from any car sharing payments due to you. Consult a qualified tax professional for additional information.

Will I be required to calculate and collect tax from Maven drivers who rent my car?

No, Maven will calculate relevant taxes imposed on the driver (such as sales tax), collect these from the driver, and remit to the relevant tax authority as appropriate.

Can I transfer my earnings towards a Maven car rental?

Not at this time.

Why do I need to provide my Social Security Number to Stripe?

For tax purposes, any owner that earns $600* or more with Maven needs to provide their Social Security number in order for Stripe to provide the owner their 1099.

*Certain payment types.

What happens if I don’t provide my Social Security Number to Stripe?

If you have earned $600* or more with Maven and you have not provided your Social Security number to Stripe, any additional earnings will be held by Stripe and subsequently not deposited into your personal account until you provide that information. Additionally, Stripe will not be able to send you your 1099 for tax purposes.

*Certain payment types.

How do I provide my Social Security Number to Stripe?

Be on the lookout for an email from Stripe with this subject line: “Stripe needs more information to verify your identity with Maven”. Click the button in the email to add your Social Security number to your Stripe account (this will be how you verify your identity). If you don’t have the email, you can always access your Stripe account from your Owner Dashboard under your account.

When will I receive my 1099?

You should receive any required form by February 28th.

If I refer someone to Maven Car Sharing for owners, do I receive any sort of incentive?

Yes! If you refer someone to become a Maven Owner and they mention your name to our Maven Owner Mentor by March 31, 2019 and are successfully activated as an owner no later than April 30, 2019, you will receive a $100 bonus for helping grow our owner community.

Is there any limit to how many people I refer?

Not at all. We encourage you to refer as many people as you can to join our community. Provided they meet the eligibility requirements and mention your name as the person who referred him/her.

When do I receive my referral bonus?

Your referral bonus will be deposited to your Stripe account on the Wednesday the week after the new owner was fully activated to Maven.

Let's Go!

How do I know I can trust the person renting my car?

All drivers must apply and be approved by Maven. Our drivers must be 18 years or old, and each prospective member's application has a driver's license check and identity verification background check.

Can I view driver history so that I know the type of driver I'm making my car available to?

Driving history information is not available to you, but Maven has done the vetting for you. All drivers are approved Maven members which means that we have completed a driver’s license check and identity verification background check on the driver.

What are the driver's responsibilities when driving my car?

Maven drivers are:

Can I submit feedback on my drivers?

If you would like to submit feedback on how the car was returned by a driver, please message us through your owner dashboard.

What if a driver is late returning my car?

Maven drivers are responsible for returning the car on time or extending their reservation (if available) through the Maven app.

If a driver does return a car late resulting in an inconvenience to you or another driver, we will compensate for any late usage at a 60% rate to you. Also, we will compensate Maven Owners $30 per hour each hour the car is late, up to 3 hours for the inconvenience.

What happens if the person who rented my car leaves it dirty?

If you believe a driver has returned your car excessively dirty, please submit a claim through your owner dashboard with photos of the interior of your car, your name, VIN, and a date/time stamped receipt for the cleaning. Provide us with as much detail as possible. We will review the information submitted and reimburse extensive cleaning up to $100.

What happens if the driver smokes in my car?

Maven has a zero-tolerance policy for smoking in Maven cars, which is why we've included a no-smoking sticker for your car. If a driver returns your car with evidence of smoking, and you do not smoke in your car per your onboarding agreement, you are eligible for a reimbursement of up to $50 for cleaning with an itemized receipt. Within 24 hours of noticing the evidence of smoke, please submit a smoking claim in your owner dashboard and include photos of any physical evidence, such as ashes, along with a copy of your cleaning receipt. If you need a replacement no-smoking sticker, send a message to owner support using the “message us” feature in your Owner Dashboard.

What happens if the person who rented my car doesn't refuel the car?

Our drivers are responsible to return the car with the same level of fuel that was in the car when they picked it up. If a driver returns a car with 1/4 tank or less than when they started their reservation, please submit a fuel reimbursement claim through your owner dashboard. Include your name, VIN, and a date/time stamped fuel receipt, and if possible a photo of your car's fuel gauge after the driver returned your car. We will then charge the driver a low fuel fee and reimburse you for the cost to refuel to the amount that was deficient. (Note: Cost per gallon will vary based on car type)

What if the person who reserved my car cancels?

If a driver cancels their reservation on your car within 24 hours of the scheduled reservation start time, you will still be compensated for 60% of the cost of the reservation (minus applicable taxes.) If the reservation is canceled more than 24 hours in advance, we do not charge the driver, so you would not be paid for that reservation.

Where do I leave my car keys for the Maven driver?

For most cars, drivers will not need your car key as the Maven app will allow them to unlock, lock, start, and turn off the ignition. For cars that do not have a push start button, a lockbox will be placed in the car underneath the passenger side seat, which will hold your key for Maven drivers to access and use while renting your car.

If you have a non-push start button car, we will provide a lockbox for your car in which your car key will be kept. The lockbox will be secured with a code that only the Maven driver will be provided (and will only work during their reservation.)

What happens if the driver forgets to return my car key in the lockbox?

We recognize that a Maven driver may forget to return the key. If we find that a driver forgets to return your key, we will contact you and arrange to have a replacement key made for you. Please do not take your car to a dealer for key replacement, as we'll need to provision the key so that it effectively works with the technology in your car to access and start your car.

My key fob doesn't seem to fit properly in the lockbox, what should I do?

If you have difficulty placing your car's key back into the lockbox, or are unable to secure the lockbox, please contact us at 844-HI-MAVEN. We will assist so that the key is secure and available for the next driver reserving your car.

Will I be able to access the lockbox if I need to use my key?

We recommend you use your spare key. However, if you can't locate your spare key and need to use your car, you may access the key in the lockbox with the use of a six digit code. To obtain that code you will need to contact us at 844-HI-MAVEN. Please be sure to place the key back in the lockbox when you are done using your car so that the next person who rents your car will be able to start their trip using the key.

What happens if the person who rented my car returns it damaged?

If you believe your car was damaged during a reservation and the extent of the damage is greater than what is considered normal wear and tear (details below) this form must be filled out within 24 hours of the end of the reservation. Mandatory photos must be taken and submitted within 24 hours of the ended reservation in the owner dashboard. Pertinent details such as the size/depth/location of the damage on the car, your car's VIN, and your name must be included.

Upon request from Maven you must supply your vehicle inspection photographs as defined in section 2.9.9 of your owner agreement.

Owner Reimbursements when referencing wear and tear or claimed related issues can be referenced at www.maven.com at the bottom of the web page. Click on the Owners Terms of Service link and refer to Section 4.3.14.

Maven reserves the right to remove the owner and/or vehicle from the marketplace if the owner is providing an unsafe vehicle, a vehicle that breaks down, or a vehicle that is not advertised.

Maven’s guidelines for normal wear and tear are below and may not result in a damage claim that can be submitted. To be considered a damage claim, the damage must be greater than the following guidelines and be submitted within 24 hours of the reservation ending.

Exterior: Body, Wheel, & Tire Damage:



What happens if the person who rented my car gets into an accident?

You're covered by our $1,000,000 insurance policy if a Maven driver gets into an accident while in reservation with your car. If you notice damage on your car, or Maven is informed of an accident/damage by a driver or third party, Maven will need to verify that the damage occurred during a rental. Once confirmed, we will submit a claim on your behalf to Maven's insurance provider. Our insurance provider will keep you informed of the car's repair status and provide you an allowance of $30/day for a rental car while your car is being repaired.

In the unfortunate event your car is not repairable, Maven's insurance provider will work with you to settle your account for the estimated value of your car.

What is a damage fee and when does it apply?

Maven Owner cars are insured through Maven’s insurance policy when they are in a reservation, being driven by a Maven member. If one of our Maven members causes damage to your vehicle during a reservation, Maven may charge the member a $1000 damage fee. We will work with you through our insurance partner to complete the necessary repairs at no cost to you. At all other times outside of a Maven member reservation, including when you are using your car for personal use, your own insurance policy will apply. Note that the damage fee can apply for collisions, windshield cracks, vandalism, dents, scratches, and third party damage that may occur during a reservation, but NOT normal wear and tear to your car.

If a driver damages my car or gets into an accident, how am I compensated for lost time to list my car?

Besides the $30/day allowance that you can use toward a rental car while your car is being repaired, any scheduled reservations on your car at the time of the within 24 hours will be paid out to you at the 60% rate you receive for completed reservations.

What happens if the person who rented my car returns it and parks it in the wrong location?

If you notice your car is not parked where it should be, contact us at 844-HI-MAVEN to let us know so we can inform the driver (and possibly fine them). If the car is near the pick-up location, feel free to move it back to your assigned parking location. If you are not sure where your car is, let us know and we will work to locate your car and get it returned to you as soon as possible.

What happens if the person who rented my car left behind a personal item?

If you find an item that is not yours, call us at 844-HI-MAVEN to report the item left behind. Please leave the item in your car. If we are able to confirm which driver it belongs to, we will work with that driver to arrange a time for them to reserve your car again for a brief period so that they may retrieve the item. If the item in question is concerning and/or an illegal substance, do not use your car and report this immediately to us.

What happens if I find an item that is concerning either legally or for my safety? (Ex: illegal substance, weapon)?

If you find an item in your car that is concerning in nature (ex: illegal substance, weapon), please contact us immediately to report the issue. If you discover this item while driving, please pull over and park the car safely as soon as possible and then contact us to report the issue.

Are drivers responsible for traffic tickets or parking citations?

Maven drivers are liable for any traffic tickets, parking citations, and other infractions that occur during their reservation. If the car is street parked, the driver is also responsible for any parking citation the car receives up to 24 hours after their trip end time, unless someone else takes possession of the car (such as the owner or another driver).

I received a parking ticket that happened while my car was in a reservation. What do I do?

If you receive a parking ticket, please pay the ticket and then email a scanned copy of the ticket and proof of payment to ownersupport@maven.com within 90 days of receipt of ticket. We will refund you for the cost of the ticket, plus a $15 inconvenience refund.

Is there a mileage cap for drivers using my car?

Yes, Maven Car Sharing cars have a mileage cap of 180 miles per 24 hour period. If drivers exceed that amount, they are fined up to 72 hour from the reservation end time and owners will be reimbursed at $0.25/mile for all miles traveled over the reservation mileage allotment.

What happens if the person who reserved my car drives on a toll road and doesn't pay the toll?

If you receive a ticket for a toll, or you find toll charge on your toll account that occurred during a reservation, please pay the toll and email a copy of the ticket or report to ownersupport@maven.com within 45 days. We will reimburse you for the amount of the toll incurred during a reservation.

Can drivers use my disabled placard or plates?

No, it is illegal for drivers to use disabled placards or parking privileges that were not issued to them.

Can I choose where my car is repaired if my car is involved in an accident or is damaged?

For any accidents or damage incurred during a reservation on your car, Maven works with our insurance partner to get the car to an approved in-network shop to provide an estimate and make repairs.

What if I want to leave some of my personal items in my car while is it available to rent?

We recommend that you remove all personal items from your car as part of your preparation for a reservation. Maven's insurance provider does not cover loss of personal items.

Can I get reimbursed for maintenance expenses related to may car?

No, regular maintenance services, such as oil change and tire rotations, are the owner's responsibility. (Check out our Owner Agreement for more info.)

Maven's guidelines for normal wear and tear are:



Wheels and Tires

What happens if my car is stolen while on a rental?

If you believe your car has been stolen or is missing, please contact us immediately at 844-HI-MAVEN. Maven will work to locate and recover your car. If your car is located, you may have the option to pick-up the car yourself or request Maven recover the car on your behalf. If we are unable to locate your car, Maven will inform you to report the car as stolen to the police. If the car is associated to an active reservation, we will also file a claim with Maven's insurance provider.

For a stolen car, you may be eligible for the $30 per day inconvenience reimbursement on the day you file a police report to the day your car is recovered or 30 days from filing, whichever is less, but not to exceed 30 days.

Why can't I use my GM Brand app when I’m using my car for personal use?

So that our drivers can access the car (and use the OnStar service while in reservation), your personal OnStar account will not be available. This means you will not have access to the OnStar remote key fob/GM Brand app. This also ensures the privacy of our drivers.

You may still use your own key fob to unlock, lock, remote start, and honk horn/flash lights. If you need assistance unlocking, locking, or honking horn, OnStar can help (1-888-4-ONSTAR).

What happens if my car gets towed during a rental (not related to an accident or car disablement)?

If your car was towed during a Maven reservation or as a result of a driver's actions, we will assist in retrieving your car and charge the driver for the tow fees. If your car was damaged as a result of the tow, Maven will make a claim so that our insurance provider can start the process to provide an estimate and repair your car.

What happens if my car is not returned after a reservation ends?

If your car has not been returned and the reservation end time has passed, please call 844-HI-MAVEN for assistance. We will assist with locating your car and work to get it back to you as quickly as possible. You may be offered to retrieve the car in exchange for compensation. If you would like Maven to recover your car, we will schedule to have it delivered back to your home station within the next 72 hours.

I'm trying to use my car for personal use but I can't start my car and I see a 'Theft Deterrent Message', what does that mean?

To ensure your car is secured between reservations, your engine is disabled from starting to prevent theft. If you have time blocked on your car for personal use, this disablement will be removed once you unlock your car with your key fob. After you access your car, if you see a Theft Deterrent message, please contact us at 844-HI-MAVEN and we will assist so you can get on your way.

What happens if the person who rented my Bolt EV didn’t charge it?

Our members are expected to return your car with the same charge that they picked it up with. If you see that your car has a charge lower than expected, please email ownersupport@maven.com . We will charge the reserving member a penalty and provide you with a $20 inconvenience fee.

What should I do if the police contact me regarding a driver who rented my car listed with Maven?

Should you be contacted by local authorities regarding your car and/or the driver who reserved your car, please confirm with the officer that your car is listed with Maven and if there was a scheduled reservation on your car at the time in question. Additionally, please contact Maven Owner Support regarding the situation so that we may assist.

If the officer is looking for specific information about the driver, refer the officer to 1-844-HIMAVEN and they will be properly directed to obtain member information.

Insurance & Damage

Is insurance included?

We've got your back. Maven Owners are insured through our $1,000,000 auto liability insurance policy while their car is on a trip, so you can rest assured about the safety and security of your car. Coverage also includes comprehensive collision, theft and rental car insurance.

Do I need to maintain my personal auto insurance coverage while my car is in this program?

Yes, because Maven's insurance only covers your car when it is in a reservation. If your car is available for rent but not in an active reservation, or is blocked for your personal use, your personal auto insurance would cover the cost of any damages or repair (just as it would if you never shared your car on Maven).

Am I responsible for a deductible if a driver gets into an accident with my car?

If your car is involved in an accident or is damaged while in a reservation, your car is fully covered by Maven's policy, however you may be required to pay up front for damages and Maven will reimburse you.  See section 4.3.14 of your owner agreement.

If a driver gets into an accident in my car, will that impact my personal auto insurance premiums?

It should not, because the car is insured through our insurance while in reservation and because you were not the driver, but please consult your insurance agent.

How will being a Maven Owner impact my personal insurance?

Good news – no need to shop around for different car insurance. Maven's insurance covers your car when it is in a reservation. The insurance includes $1M liability coverage, plus comprehensive collision, theft and rental car insurance.

Is car rental included if my car is in for repairs due to damage or an accident?

You will receive a stipend of $30 per day from the day the car arrives at the approved repair facility until the repairs are completed (up to 30 days.) If your car rental exceeds $30 per day in order to have a "like vehicle", we will work with you to compensate you for the difference. If you choose not to rent a car, you can use this stipend to compensate for loss of earnings up to $30 per day until the repairs are completed (up to 30 days).

If my car needs repair due to an accident or damage caused by a driver, will I be compensated for lost days to earn?

Any scheduled reservations on your car within 24 hours from the time of the reported accident or damage will be paid out to you at the 60% rate you receive for completed reservations.

Can I use Maven's proof of insurance if I get pulled over driving my own car?

No, please use your own proof of insurance. Maven's insurance is only in effect when your car is in a reservation by a Maven member.

Does Maven provide gap insurance?

Our partner insurance carrier provides gap insurance, which covers the difference between the balance owed on your car lease or loan and what our insurance provider will cover if your car is considered a total loss.

Account Information

How do I update my personal information?

To update your personal information, log in to your Owner Dashboard and make any necessary edits in the Account section. Information that is editable includes, your name, address, contact information, and Driver's license information. Please note you may not edit your car information, including your car's photo or location description.

How do I add more cars to my account?

Login to your Owner Portal and go to your garage. There you can add additional cars to your account. Once you add an additional car, you will be contacted by our Maven Owner Mentor (MOM) to schedule the onboarding of your car.

What happens if I forget my password to access my account?

It happens! There is no limitations to how many times you can attempt to login, but if you can't remember your password, click on ""Forgot Password"" and you'll be sent an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

Passwords should be a mix of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters with a maximum of 25 characters.

I accidentally entered my VIN incorrectly, how can I change that?

If you think you entered your VIN incorrectly during enrollment, you will have an opportunity to re-enter your VIN during your account creation.

How do I manage my car's profile?

Log in to your Owner Dashboard to view information about your car. You can schedule when your car is not available and set pricing.

If you wish to change where your car is located, you will need to contact us at ownersupport@maven.com so that we can make sure your requested new location is eligible, and provides consistent connectivity for drivers needing to access your car.


What is the street parking policy for owners?

You are allowed to have your car's parking location as on street.

If I park my car on the street what are my responsibilities as an owner?

If you do not have a reserved spot, you should do your best to park as close as possible to your car's listed parking location when it is available for rent (within 1,000 feet).

You must also acquire and renew any parking permits required for your parking location if you intend to park your car in the street. Drivers will only be responsible for any parking-related violations up to 24 hours after they end a reservation with your car. Owners are responsible for any citations or tow charges after that time.

We recommend checking on your car for any damage, including collision, vandalism, or theft between active Maven reservations. Also, be sure to communicate any parking restrictions and/or requests for your parking location with your drivers in your location description.

Am I responsible for securing a street parking permit for my street parking?

If your car's parking location is on the street, you are responsible for applying for, purchasing, and renewing any parking permits required. If a driver receives a parking citation due to an owner's inability to acquire or maintain a valid parking permit, the cost of the parking ticket will be passed on to the owner.