What if I am in an accident?

Navigate your car to a safe area if possible, shift into park, turn off the engine, and turn on your hazards to warn other drivers to avoid your car. If needed, use the red OnStar SOS button to request emergency services.

Request a police officer create a written report of the incident. Report vehicle damages. Avoid admitting fault or blaming others.

Take photos and videos, especially license plate numbers and specific damage to vehicles. Collect driver and passenger names, insurance info, makes and models of vehicles, contact info of eyewitnesses, the location of the accident as well as the names and badge numbers of reporting police officers.

If the car is drivable and in need of repairs, call Maven's partner, Element, at 1-800-572-2936 to report the incident. They will direct you to the nearest repair facility. If the car is not drivable and in need of tow, call Element at 1-800-572-2936 and they can arrange a tow for you.

If any third parties are involved in an accident, please provide them the phone number of Maven’s partner, Element.

In addition to following the above steps, if the accident occurred while you were on app, some TNC/delivery platforms may require you to file a claim directly either via the app or by calling a number. In these instances please also follow the instructions provided by the TNC/delivery platform you are driving on after calling Element to file a claim.