How Singing While Driving Changed Television Forever
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Maven presents ‘A Drink With- Disruptors’, a unique event series featuring conversations with change agents across industries. Hosted by Hillary Sawchuk, founder of the popular ‘A Drink With’ series, the premiere event occurred April 5th in LA featuring ‘Late Late Show with James Corden’ Executive Producer Rob Crabbe.

We love it when people go searching for adventure – and when the journey is unexpected, all the better.

To become Executive Producer of the ‘Late Late Show with James Corden’and the co-creator of Car Pool Karaoke, Rob Crabbe had to do something he’d never planned to do – leave a comfortable life in New York City and move to the west coast. Now two years and like, a billion views later (literally – 2.5 billion and counting) Rob’s big gamble has definitely paid off.

Taking a cue from his own life, Rob knows that a viewer’s journey to discover great online content doesn’t always need to be planned, it can be spontaneous. “I want it to be out there and for people to find it,” Rob says of his Late Late Show videos, which are seen weekly by over 10 million subscribers on YouTube. “If something is good, people will find it.”

Check out the video below as ‘A Drink With’ host Hillary Sawchuk sits down with Rob to discuss the importance of taking risks, how ‘Carpool Karaoke’ went from a simple late night television segment to becoming an innovator in the digital space, and why creating a meaningful connection with the audience is now a key to entertainment success.

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