What is Car Sharing and How it is Better than Car Rental
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Car sharing is a concept developed in the 20th century that has come of age over the last 20 years with an uptick in millennials migrating to America’s cities. This niche of the shared economy is attractive to younger city dwellers who largely view owning a car as an expensive and inconvenient burden. Plus, young people are becoming more conscious of their carbon footprints, and see the shared economy as a way to combat climate change.  

What is Car Sharing?

Car sharing is a community of approved members who have access to cars for rental on an as-needed basis, paying only for the time they use. Car Sharing can eliminate the need for car ownership in some cases, especially in cities where urban dwellers walk and bike to work but want on demand access to cars without the overhead like a car payment, insurance, and parking. Most commonly, members use the program to rent cars by the hour and by the day. Typically, a member makes a reservation in advance, picks up the car, drives away, and then returns the car at the end of the scheduled reservation. When one renter is done using the car, it is returned to its drop off point, locked, and placed back on platform for someone else to rent.

Cars sharing takes on several forms, including: 

Station based: Cars are strategically placed in and around an urban center at stations. Renters can pick up the cars from these stations, and then return them to the same location.

Free Floating: Cars don’t have a home station, rather, they are in a zone or delimited area. When a renter finishes using the car, they can park anywhere within the allotted zone if the car is left in a legal parking space.

Peer to Peer: Car owners share their personal cars on a platform of existing renters to offset the costs of ownership or to turn a profit. Some companies facilitate peer to peer sharing by having the owner and renter meet to exchange the key. Others install a device in the car that allows approved renters to use a mobile device to unlock the car.   

What is Maven Car Sharing?

Our service provides hassle-free access to well-equipped cars, crossovers and SUV’s, and is completely app based.  With Maven, your phone syncs with the car to unlock and start it. We are in 17 North American cities, and in some we also offer Maven Gig, a program designed for rideshare and delivery drivers who rent cars by the week to use to earn an income in the freelance gig economy. Maven was created to help support General Motors as the company embarks on a future of zero crashes, zero emissions, and zero congestion.

Other companies have similar car share offerings, but not all programs are created equal. Here are a few ways we stand out:

Membership is free. For a lifetime. You don’t have to buy a plan or subscription that you may or may not use enough to justify. Who wants to keep track of another subscription plan anyway?

Only pay for what you use with rates starting around $8 an hour plus tax. Do you need a car for an hour to pick up groceries? How about a car for 2 hours to pick up a friend from the airport? Or maybe you want to escape the city for a day. Regardless, you should only pay for what you use.

Gas and insurance are included (less $1000 deductible). Should you need fuel during your reservation, we’ve placed gas cards in each car.

Seamless technology and luxury in every car, Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™. This way you have access to handsfree navigation, calling, and texting, and your music is available from the car’s interface.

Cars available 24/7, 365 days a year.

How is Maven Car Sharing Better Than Car Rental?

Maven is a more convenient and potentially cost-efficient way to rent a car that is newer and equipped with premium features. The key differentiators here are that unlike traditional car rental, our members do not:

  • Wait in line at inconvenient pick-up centers.
  • Deal with annoying counter service.
  • Worry about if they should pay for additional insurance coverages.
  • Pay for gas, or find a gas station to fill the tank to the same amount it was rented out with.  
  • Worry about a pick-up center’s operating hours.

Sign up for a more seamless car sharing experience. There’s absolutely no cost or obligation for signing up, and you’ll have access to our fleet of cars at the palm of your hand once your membership is approved.

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