How to be a Positive Influence in Our Maven Community
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At Maven, the health, safety and convenience of our community is imperative. To help make every member’s experience better please follow these simple guidelines:

Don’t Smoke in the Car

Smoking in a shared car is troubling for our community. Smoking stinks, it’s not healthy, and it ruins the experience for other members who might use the car after you. That’s why we’re taking a stricter stance against smoking in Maven cars with aggressive fines, and dismissal from our community with a second offense.

Be On Time, and Refuel the Car

Return the car back to its station at the scheduled end time of the reservation, fueled and ready to go for the next member (if the tank is less than ¼ full). If running late, try extending your reservation.  Other times, a member already has a reservation and is waiting at the station for the car to return. If the car is late, or the fuel level is low, the next member’s experience is not off to the right start. If you’ve rented a Peer car, a car owned by someone in your neighborhood, you not only disrupt our driving member experience, but you halt another person's business. 

Pick Up Your Trash

Scan the car for trash before you end the reservation and lock the doors. Maven has hosted nearly 251,000 reservations, we all must do our part to keep the cars clean between reservations. Do your parents proud, and help us keep the cars clean. The more you pick up after yourself, the more the community benefits.

Complete Pre- and Post-Trip Reports

Time is tight, especially with those hourly trips, but our most thoughtful members take a few seconds to complete these reports. These reports help protect you from being charged for car damage and smells you didn’t create, and to help us stay on top of maintenance and deep cleaning needs of these cars.

Abide by the Mileage Limits

Driving members are afforded 180 miles in a 24-hour period. Over mileage charges apply for those who exceed these limits. Some of the owners of our Peer cars, lease with strict and expensive mileage limitations, so going significantly over mileage can cause a major headache.

Pay Tickets and Fines

No one likes to get a ticket or fine, but things happen. It’s always best to pay these without Maven’s intervention. It helps keep our community honest, open, and transparent.

Report Damage

Safety is important to us. So, for everyone’s safety, please let us know as soon as possible about new damage before, during, or after a trip.

Share the Love

Referring new members and owners to Maven is how this community grows—and you get rewarded. And when the community grows, our services and offerings grow right alongside it, from the types of cars available for rent to the number of cars available in each city.

We’ll continue to work to add new features, cars, and options to keep you moving. Thank you for being part of our community and following these guidelines to make Maven a seamless experience for all our members.

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