What if the car is low on fuel or dirty when I start my reservation?

If the car is dirty or has less than 1/4 tank of fuel in it at the start of your reservation, please report this to us by calling 1-844-HIMAVEN. (If you are presented with a pre-trip report in your app, you can do this here as well).

If the fuel level is low, we ask that you fill it back to 1/4 tank or more before you end your reservation. Depending on the type of car you reserved, fuel may or may not be included in your reservation cost.

If fuel is included, a fuel card will be located in the driver's side visor which can be used to refuel. If fuel is not included, you will be expected to pay for refueling the car.

If the car is dirty and you'd like to take it for a cleaning, you can pay for it and we'll reimburse your account up to $15 within seven (7) business days. Or if you prefer, we'll do our best to move you to a different car.

There are a variety of members using Maven cars on a daily basis – please do your part to keep the cars clean and fueled up. It's all part of the rules.